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Grasslands, forests, streams and wildlife, as well as the ranch infrastructure, can be viewed as capital assets that require careful management. The Forest Reserve Company takes its inspiration from the private banking industry where capital preservation is a central goal.
For the Forest Reserve Company, local knowledge is a core value. Thus, the company has built its resource management techniques and the skills of its staff on a long interaction with the local people and natural systems of the southern Rockies.


In the financial world, "family offices gather the talents of financial, tax and legal professionals under one roof."
The Forest Reserve Co. adapted this model to ranch management. The Company centralizes management for multiple properties in one office. Services include administration of personnel, finances, natural resources and capital assets. This approach has a number of benefits for clients. It offers a single "window" for communication and feedback. In planning, it provides for integration of projects and mitigation of the impacts of development on the ecosystem. Furthermore, the program pools the expertise of numerous resource professionals, field crews, and subcontractors. Costs to a single landowner are minimized by fielding these specialists across multiple properties.